Artist Spotlight: Demob Happy

Demob Happy

Somewhere in the dark depths of Newcastle, Demob Happy were born. Crunchy, hard-hitting indie rock to bring me and many others so much enjoyment. Demob Happy are this week’s Artist Spotlight.

Every now and then, and frankly too frequently for my liking, I find a band whose name I’ve seen floating about for a while but never really listened to. The band is the latest on this list of bands that it’s taken me way too long to start listening to. Shoutout to the person who finally got me too because its the fastest I’ve fallen for a band in a long time.

For those who don’t know, Demob Happy are the northern three-piece that sound like they were bred from a mix of Royal Blood, Queens of the Stone Age, and Dinosaur Pile-Up. If you know those three bands, I can promise you that they live up to them.

What’s surprising is they’re yet to really lift off. With an album released in 2015, and a few singles around that, there’s plenty to listen to and the album is incredible. Singles like ‘Be Your Man’ and ‘Dead Dreamers’ have set an incredible tone for the band’s latest work; being set to release an album early 2018. 

With loud, fuzzy crunchy bass, sweet guitar riffs, and some catchy as hell hooks, you can be sure Demob Happy will be one of your new favourites. I’m doing all I can to see them live because just listening to the music you know it’s gonna be mental.



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