2017 Ones To Watch #3 – Clean Cut Kid

2017 Ones To Watch #3 – Clean Cut Kid

With 2016 over, we look ahead to what musical talent 2017 can offer, and with the masses of acts out there in the industry there is plenty for us to get excited about. Throughout January, ICM will be highlighting one new band each day and showing just why they should be on your music radar. Our 3rd band is Clean Cut Kid.

Heading into 2017, Clean Cut Kid are set to dominate with the anticipated release of their debut album.

Clean Cut Kid first burst onto the scenes in 2015 with successful singles ‘Pick Me Up’, ‘Vitamin C’ and ‘Runaway’. Although in 2016 they took a slightly different turn and released their debut EP, ‘We Used To Be In Love’. Closely followed by lone track, ‘Make Believe’.

Clean Cut Kid, hailing from Liverpool are known for their live performances. Having toured across the nation, they shared their insight into the live music industry with ICM during an interview in April at LiveAtLeeds.

Clean Cut Kid performing

Photo by Ed Whitmarsh

“At festivals the crowds are mental, they’re feral! Especially when it’s camping, they’ve been in a field for 3 days, haven’t washed and just like ‘wahh’. Live at Leeds in particular, everyone has come together in a city for one reason and one reason only – have a few drinks and experience lots of music. It is odd because city’s themselves have their own musical identities that we have to cater for. Bristol with the Louisiana has its own rock side. Leeds has it is on DIY identity when it comes to bands being formed. London can be all types. Liverpool and Manchester also have a lot of history which defines them musically. All of this needs to be taken into account when preparing for a set.”

Clean Cut Kid also supported The Courteeners towards the end of 2016 gaining some valuable experience to take into the new year.

2017 should be the year for Clean Cut Kid with them gaining a well-deserved fanbase, releasing a highly-anticipated debut album and by once again tackling as many music festivals as possible!

We will be announcing a new band every day throughout the entirety of January and the ICM long list will be announced on February 1st.

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Photo By Ed Whitmarsh


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