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Jerry Williams

The south coast is a pretty frequently forgotten part of the music scene, being rightfully overshadowed by big city bands and venues, but that doesn’t mean it should be discounted entirely.

However, I’ve made a trip down to the south coast city of Southampton. Not much can be said about Southampton except it has some pretty great venues, an IKEA, and a Taco Bell. I’ve found myself in Southampton’s latest indie music venue Heartbreakers, with the indie-pop queen from the south coast; Jerry Williams.

Jerry Williams instantly brought an aura of a fun and upbeat nature, as if the room lights up when she walked in. I got to hear the soundcheck before our interview and it was nothing short of amazing. We head on up to the green room where we start chatting about all things music and gigs. Despite her bubbly aura, this is the last show of Jerry’s tour so she’s rightfully a little worn out.

“Its all been quite surreal just taking things sort of day by day, I’ve done a headline before but it was like half the size of this, its been cool doing some solo stuff in the north and going to cities I’ve hardly played in or been to. Like people knew me in Leeds it was mad!”

Jerry has played a bunch of incredible venues including Leeds’ Oporto, and London’s Lexington, which was close to a sell-out show. “London was unbelievable, it was so close to capacity and seeing how many people were there singing my songs, absolutely dreamy,” she explains.

For those who haven’t heard of Jerry Williams, she’s been making waves over the past few years in the indie pop scene and has gained much warranted attention from the likes of BBC Introducing who not only named her artist of the week, but have even invited her to a special event of theirs.

Its all you could wish for, its special, when I was younger, I’d hear people on BBC introducing and think ‘thats my dream’ and then I was BBC Introducing’s artist of the week on Radio 1 and it was mind blowing, and I’m off to SXSW BBC introducing stage!”

You can tell how much this means to her. Jerry is practically flying out her seat with this news. Williams has a huge discography to sink your teeth into with a bunch of singles and EPs under her belt, are we looking at an album anytime soon? “I’d love to do an album by the end of the year, I’ve got an album’s worth written but not recorded, hopefully, it’ll go single single single then album to round the year off… Hopefully.” Extremely exciting news to hear there’s the prospect of an album on the way!

Jerry Williams is not only lovely to talk to, but her performance is one that is incredible. She entirely deserves all of the attention she’s been given and she might be your new favourite artist.

Jerry Williams has been included in our 2018 Ones To Watch shortlist!

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