Song Of The Week: The Amazons: Ultraviolet (Acoustic)

The Amazons

The highly anticipated debut album of The Amazons has exceeded all expectations whilst not only capturing one of the best live sounding bands to date, but also turning something so rash and physically demanding into gorgeous acoustic pieces.

The four Piece from Reading have had nothing but praise since the beginning of 2017. I remember seeing them at a mini festival back in April 2016 and watching them turn up late to their slot, playing a dodgy set and leaving straight after. Little did I know that in late 2016 early 2017, they would play some of the best live sets of any band we’ve seen full stop.

The Amazons

Ultraviolet as a song is a fantastic example of the modern guitar band. Heavy lyrics of love, a massive chorus and a killer riff – we all knew it was going to define the band and spiral them onto today’s success. Not only does Matt Thomson have one of my favourite newly sounding rock voices, he absolutely smashes the vocal performance of his life in our song of the week.

Ultraviolet (Acoustic) version, which can be found on the Deluxe edition of the debut, is proof that The Amazons have not only discovered who they are as serious artists, but that they can twist and turn and adapt their loudness into something genuinely beautiful.

The Amazons debut album is out now and can be listened two on Spotify, Apple Music and many other great streaming platforms.

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