Neon Reverb Festival returns again in March 2017

Neon Reverb festival

Neon Reverb to Return Again in 2017

Before Insomniac introduced Sin City to the large-scale dance party, now known as Electric Daisy Carnival, Las Vegas had a hard time establishing itself as a venue for music festivals. DJs and musical acts may have had their residencies in the world-class casino resorts, but prior to 2013, the chances for the festivals returning the following year were very slim. These annual events were often short-lived, but thanks to the new Vegas mainstays EDC, Life is Beautiful and Punk Rock Bowling, event organizers have found new opportunities to bring back one of the city’s most beloved festivals.

Unique to Las Vegas, Neon Reverb was conceptualized to showcase indie musicians and local talent, something that was clearly different from the other festivals, as the co-founder James Woodbridge suggests that while they might be great events, they can be picked up and moved to other locations. Neon Reverb was a popular musical showcase that locals looked forward to every year, but in 2013, festival organizers hit a financial wall and announced that it would be their final year.

Neon Reverb

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Vegas residents were affected by the loss, but the casino hotel sponsorship of outdoor festivals paved the way for new events to take place in the entertainment capital of the world. The influx of casinos backing these ventures was partly down to the growth and surge of digital casinos we are so accustomed to seeing online nowadays. These portals have started to impact the revenues of Vegas’ casinos, thus alternative music events have become a viable and important revenue stream. Huge tech companies like Gaming Realms, who successfully launched the online slots hub Spin Genie and continue to win industry-recognized awards for their innovative gaming solutions are at the forefront of digital gaming and are a prime example of why Vegas needs Neon Reverb in 2017 and beyond.

The growth of digital portals has been an obstacle for land-based gaming facilities for many years, leading Vegas casinos to invest millions in outdoor extravaganzas to help keep them ahead of their online counterparts. The increase in sponsorship opportunities gave new hope to the creators of Neon Reverb, and after three years of being put on the back burner, the festival returned this past March with a more exciting lineup than the event had seen in the past.

The 2016 installment was held from March 10th to the 13th in several locations across Downtown Las Vegas. The lineup included an interesting mix of musicians that either made their debut in the city or are originally from Vegas, including The Dodos, Japanther, Imagine Dragons, and many more. The event reinvigorated the Vegas music scene, becoming the only festival that truly celebrated local artists. To say that it’s a permanent fixture for this city may be premature, but the hope it that Neon Reverb remains in the years to come, showcasing homegrown musicians to prove that Las Vegas is more than just show tunes and EDM.

Neon Reverb will be back next year on March 9 to 12. The 2017 lineup will be announced on January 19, when tickets will go on sale. Visit their website here for more information.

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