The Ninth Wave reveal gorgeous video for new single ‘Human Behaviour’

The Ninth Wave

Going on a music video releasing spree, The Ninth Wave have now dropped their gorgeous new video for their single ‘Human Behaviour’.

The video, which features clothes gifted by Vivienne Westwood and up-and-coming NYC designer Kelsey Randall, comes just weeks ahead of the release of the band’s debut album ‘Infancy’ on November 15th.

The Glaswegian duo is making music is majestic dark post-punk laced with stealth pop hooks and a firmly DIY ethos. The kind of genderfucking, conventionskewering icons that have misfit teens smudging their eyes with kohl and covering their bedroom posters with lipstick kisses.

Whose music teleports you into a kaleidoscopic dimension while also making your everyday life richer. If you haven’t had that feeling for a while, look no further than The Ninth Wave.

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