Infectious synth-production on Larkins single ‘Wallflower’

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Hailing from Manchester, four-piece Larkins have already established themselves as the city’s vibrant next-big-thing and their recent release ‘Wallflower’ proves the point even more.

Combining elements of dream-pop that Larkins are known for and lacing it with synth-polished production, the track is building and infectious.

It comes as a B-side to remastered single ‘Sugar Sweet’, a track that was re-released last month and has already been met with support from major radio stations and critical support from various magazines amongst others.

The track expertly blends soaring harmonies and a huge synth sound that perfectly complements frontman Josh Nobles vocals. ‘Wallflower’ is emotionally-rich whilst still staying focused and polished, which again contributes to the striking sound of the quartet. The track, as well as the band, is destined to make it big and will undoubtedly be played in front of arena crowds within the next few releases.

In the meantime, you can catch Larkins on their extensive 16-date tour of the UK this Autumn which kicks off at The Venue in Derby.

Listen to ‘Wallflower’ down below and rate out of 10!


  • Addictive Synth Pop Sounds
  • Incredibly rich vocals


Another incredibly rich track from Larkins which is just another addition in their extensive collection of addictive songs. Intoxicating synth-pop sounds make it a track you want to listen to again and again and Josh Noble's skilled and soaring vocals are a perfect addition to the track.

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