Larkins show their summer vibes with ‘Sugar Sweet’


Manchester’s Larkins are back with a new tune that’ll make your summer one to remember. 

Larkins continue their huge ascent to the top with the release of what’s arguably their strongest and best single to date: Sugar Sweet.

The song sees the four-piece building on the singsong indie-pop of their early releases such as ‘The Tale of Cassandra’, and infusing it with the rich, trademark chemistry that they’ve developed over the last six months.

‘Sugar Sweet’ feels like a natural progression, maturing with every song that they release, it’s shimmery aesthetic and heartfelt lyricism makes the song stand out from the crowd.

Simplicity is sometimes what is needed to get your message across and they are doing just that in the best way they can. Their music is bold, brave and ultimately fun – a huge quality that many artists forget in their quest for recognition in the music business.

‘Sugar Sweet’ is the perfect song for summer, possessing a sparkling vibe that further pushes their assertive sound, with its catchy chorus of “How was I to know? You were in my veins, we could talk all night for hours, you were sugar sweet till the end,” characteristically simplistic verse riffs, and one hell of an impressing solo to top it all off, ‘Sugar Sweet’ is yet another superb addition to Larkins’ discography, the perfect summer tune.

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