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There is nothing greater than a spontaneous outing to a gig purely for the hope of discovering something great. Well, the perfect opportunity for such an occurrence happened last Saturday as Idolising Nova continued their UK This Feeling tour at Leeds’ Lending Room.

First up on the bill was Kings-of-Leon-esque band The Loose Cut. Due to being local to Leeds and recently released single ‘Listen Up’, The Loose Cut got some great reception from the crowd. They showed immense passion and were flawless in their approach to the evening.  They have an anthemic aura that deserves a lot more than what the simple and quite bog-standard Lending Room can offer. Heavy bass, controlled vocal range, and solos beyond compare, The Loose Cut are certainly a band to watch out for in the Leeds music scene.

Idolising Nova – Photography by Nathan Pound (Pixel and Pound)

Also on the bill were The Astrids and The Atoms. The former brought the trashy skate-punk style on stage while the latter had a slight gothic hint hidden in their rock ensemble. Both decent acts if you prefer that niche style.

Headlining the evening and touring the UK with This Feeling was Idolising Nova. Unlike the support acts, Idolising Nova brought an indie-pop vibe with them, something reminiscent of Larkins, Cassia or Only Sun. You could just imagine palm trees on stage and suddenly drinking out of a pineapple cocktail. It is blissful indie at its finest.  My only criticism is that they spent too long in between songs which can sometimes lead to an awkward silence. But besides that, they came across as genuine people and that I have respect for.

Idolising Nova – Photography by Nathan Pound (Pixel and Pound)


  • Great performances by Idolising Nova and The Loose Cut
  • Genuine musicianship


  • Line-up was too varied
  • Venue lacked character


This Feeling put on a very varied line-up which naturally will mean it's unlikely that gig-goers enjoy every act of the evening. Despite this, the acts showed talent and promise and we're engaging to those who stook about till the very end.

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