Disco Lizards ‘Come On’ – Discover


Disco LizerdsI love weird shit. And it doesn’t come much weirder than this, just look at the artwork, it’s a tank with tits – and a face. Before even listening to the track you know this is going to be an experience.

Disco Lizards are a four-piece, who say they’re influenced by the ’60s, the era where rock ‘n’ roll was born. They formed last year in London, over a mutual love of The Beatles.

Their sound shouts this out loud, you can hear the influences clearly in their latest track ‘Come On’. It’s a track that grabs you and throws you through the twists and turns, you never know which way it’s going to turn next, always keeping you guessing.

If you want to catch Disco Lizards live, you can see them at Trinity Bar in Harrow on the 6th April. Until then listen to ‘Come on’ right here.