Club Kuru release new slow jam track ‘You Want It Bad’

Club Kuru

The London artist Laurie Erskine of Club Kuru is now in a new and improved five-piece, the psych-rock band are not wasting any time getting new music out.

‘You Want It Bad’ is warped, atmospheric and is Club Kuru at their psychedelic best. It’s a sultry, sexually toned slow jam, and as Erskine declares: “This record has been made with love. We have anguished over it for some time. Now it’s ready to be heard we can’t wait”.

Their mix of music is like Tame Impala meeting jazz music, this is clear in their jazz influenced, retro jam ‘Double L’ giving the band depth to their musical locker, and creating something very unique, which is why Club Kuru has been performing exceptionally well.

Joining forces with Graham Godfrey (co-producer and drummer) and close friends Fergus Ireland (bass), Laurence Hammerton (guitar) and Jess Berry (vocals), the group built their own studio in north east London and began their journey as a DIY songwriting and production.

Club Kuru will headline London’s Sebright Arms Today (7th September). The band will also host and play live at a free party in their London studio on 11th November, in light of news that their space is facing closure.

The band made a statement about the closure: “Before the news that our studio would be demolished we thought we were in control, that we could escape and hide away in the safety of our special place. It’s sad to think of all the work and sacrifice that we all had to put in to build that place.

“But some things are just out of your hands. Developers aren’t going to stop. Sadly these good old warehouse spaces are becoming scarcer in London and we hadn’t expected it to go so soon. Although I guess we are all entwined in this common story of the city.

“It’s just the way things are. Still it is sad to lose something so dear to us. Now we await the demolition…But to keep things cheerful we will be throwing a party to celebrate all things weird and wonderful that have been associated with the place and we invite anyone who wants to come hear some great bands play to come on down.”

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