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WE’RE BACK. With a small break whilst the website was changing, Artist Spotlight is back with an act that’ve been at the forefront of several ICM writers’ minds in recent weeks. With raging power bursts in garage rockers Gaffa Tape Sandy.
Gaffa Tape SandyHailing from Bury St Edmunds, a town not usually known for its music scene, Gaffa Tape Sandy have been bursting at the seams of the music industry with acknowledgement from some of the biggest names in the industry like BBC Introducing, NME, and now the ever coveted ICM Artist Spotlight. Gaffa Tape Sandy have had a relatively busy time since their inception back in 2015, sitting on three singles and an EP there’s plenty to sink your teeth into with them.

The group have an urgency and power almost incomparable to anything out now. They’re raucous, energetic, and sprinkled with melodies even the most seasoned acts would be jealous of. Tracks like “Beehive” offer up catchy riffs and lyrics that instantly stick in your head, the melodies of the pre-chorus offer a beautiful build up to an insanely brash and rip-roaring chorus as they sing “Sweetheart, I’m in the bathroom waiting for you to come and apologise to me”. “Water Bottle” from the band’s 2017 EP ‘Spring Killing’ offers a somewhat emotional and real intro singing “I don’t ever wanna die, I wanna be immortal” before bursting into the same lyrics with loud punky grungy guitar cutting through like a hot knife through butter.

Gaffa Tape Sandy

The group aren’t limited to this punky/grungy/rock though. The final track from the ‘Spring Killing’ EP “Collarbones” offers up a softer indie tune backed by atmospheric rain. The melancholic vibes instantly take a hold of your heart and let you relate instantly. It does jump in with some heavier notes through the chorus but it remains a somewhat lighter track and beautifully shows the band’s range.

Gaffa Tape Sandy has performed at the likes of Truck Festival, Glastonbury, and are even playing Iceland’s Airwaves festival this year. They also have various shows lined up around the country and from only watching videos of their live shows I know that you NEED to go see this powerhouse of an act.

Photos: Burnt Out Media


Kim Jarvis – Vocals/Guitar
Catherine Lindley-Neilson – Vocals/Bass
Robin Francis – Drums/Percussion

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