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Artist Spotlight: Voodoos

Bright, youthful and energetic are three perfect words that describe this week's Artist Spotlight pick Voodoos.The Glaswegian rockers produc...


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Artist Spotlight: HMLTD

HMLTD are a band whose name has been circling for a long time now. It’s taken me a long time to get round to getting into them properly...


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Artist Spotlight: Freazy

Ending words with “-ish” is something I’ve come to take real notice of and adore. The addition of “-ish” gives you a freedom to take somethi...


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Artist Spotlight: Lauran Hibberd

There’s been a recent surge of singer-songwriters in the indie scene. From acts like Jerry Williams to Raffer, there are so many variations ...


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Artist Spotlight: Bully

For a while I’ve noticed, as I’m sure many people have, that British and American indie rock is quite different. There’s a lot of similariti...


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Artist Spotlight: When Young

Something that I feel is only really noticed if you're looking for it is charm in a band. Obviously, a lot of artists have a certain charmin...