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Fresh out of Liverpool, Little Triggers, made up of Tom Hamilton-Hughes – Singer & Lead Guitar, Chris Carragher – Bass Guitar, Sam Gallacher – Drums and James Crawford – Keyboard have bust onto the music stage with amazing passion and charisma.

The Liverpool rockers have previously opened for Iggy Pop in Paris earlier this year and also headlined Liverpool Sound City last year. We caught up with the guys to learn a little more about them and to talk about their new single.

Tell us about your aims when creating music, and where does that aim stem from?
We just wanted to write catchy tunes about what we get up to which is what most other young reprobates knock about doing really, which I suppose stems from generations of song writers doing the same before us, Weller and Alex Turner spring to mind.

What was the catalyst for picking up instruments and wanting to start a band?
We were just a bit bored of seeing loads of carbon copy/ reproduction indie wank plastered about the gaff so I thought I’d get the Rickenbacker out from under the bed.

Were you very influential to music when growing up or did you establish your own musical preferences?
I was into the guitar music that was about when I was a nipper like The Fratellis and the Arctic Monkeys, the Kaiser Chiefs were the first cd I ever bought. But after the noughties indie boom died its death I didn’t follow mainstream music at all. There’s the odd act I show vague interest in like Jake Bugg but that’s more to see how guitar music’s doing these days amongst the vast pile of shite that is constantly rammed down your throat.

Tell us about what it was like when you first started writing?
I was only about fourteen and well into the small faces and the yard birds so I was writing all these little RnB tunes. Some of them were alright, most were shite though. Nowadays I just sort of knock a song around till its half decent then I’ll knock it round with the boys for about twenty minutes and its done.

What’s the music scene like in Liverpool at the moment? Any band recommendations?
I think the more time that goes by the more there is a scene building, I mean it was a bit shite for people not turning up to gigs but it seems to be growing more vibrant these days. The Blame and The Movhamas are both excellent.

You have two shows coming up; The Bad Habits and XamVolo at the Camp and Furnace. Tell us about that, how excited are you to play with lots of emerging artists?
The bad habits gig should be a laugh because were all mates, should be a proper sweaty little gig that, expect the usual raucous display. The camp and furnace one should be boss as well, big in their mind. Yeh, I’m looking forward to catching the other groups.

What and who influences you musically?
I’d say energy mainly, the main groups for that being Dr Feelgood and The Who but I also love the swagger of Bolan and Jagger. Any music made with proper passion like little Richard Jimi Hendrix, anything where emotion or raw talent burst out your speakers.

Describe your song-writing process?
Sit on the end of the bed and bash it out.

What was it like recording your new single ‘Silly Cigarettes’?
Yeah it was a breeze really, we did a bit more technical dicking around than we did with the last single, was a good laugh though and Al’s boss to work with.

Although you are in a band, do you still have to work day jobs in-between live shows?
Sam does sound at camp and furnace; Chris is soon to start answering phones and Crawford’s a milk man.

How would you like people to respond to your music? Do you wish to connect emotionally with the audience or is it just about having a party?
For the most part its music for people who want to have a good time however we do have the slower more gushy songs in our repertoire.

Do you ever see your sound changing from the type of Garage/Punk you write?
yes, I can only see me releasing one album of that ilk, I’d want the first one to be punky and arrogant but you have to evolve, you don’t want to be seventy and singing ‘’hope I die before I get old’’

You can find out more about Little Triggers online on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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