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Amber Run have released their sophomore album, ‘For A Moment I Was Lost’ and we caught up with the band for a catch up after it’s release.

You formed at Nottingham University, did this pose any problems by having degree studies when starting out or did the independence of university help to grow the band?

No there were no problems – it actually kind of helped. There was so little to do at uni it’s probably part of the reason we formed the band, just to have something to do.

You were a 5-piece originally and then became a 4-piece, how did this loss of a band member affect the band?

It actually gave us the kick up the arse that we needed to make this second album. Felix left at a time when things were at their worst, and we all had a chance, whether we said it to each other or not at the time, to quit the band. The fact that we all decided independently that we needed to carry on has given us so much positivity and drive.

‘For A Moment, I Was Lost’, comes out on the 10th of February. Is there a particular message to the album?

The album’s a sort of meditation on stuff like anxiety and depression in a general sense. We have all gone through our own issues making this album. There’s a lot we have wanted to say about the industry. We spent a long time on a major label being pretty f****** miserable, but the people around us were insistent that we should keep it hidden, for whatever reason. This album is a chance for us to say that it’s not easy working in this business, and that it’s alright to admit when you’re not feeling happy about things.

First impressions are everything. Which song should fans listen to first when they get the album? And why that track?

It’s hard to say really. I think there’s different tracks for different reasons. We’re all really happy with a song called Island in terms of songwriting, but then Dark Bloom and White Lie are both quite different songs for us sonically, in their own independent ways. And then you have the songs that are important lyrically, like Haze and Fickle Game. So we don’t know really!

Describe the perfect crowd at one of your gigs?

Just people who are up for it, singing along and jumping around. We try to put the same amount into every show we do, but when you’re playing a show to a room of people who can’t be bothered to get involved it can be pretty difficult. Its all about energy for us and the best gigs have always been the ones when people are losing their sh*t a bit.

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