Fick As Fieves drop new cut ‘Poison Ivy’

fick as fieves

Seaside boys Fick As Fieves round off a successful 2017 with their new single ‘Poison Ivy’.

The energetic Indie-Rock band have had a string of singles released this year including ‘Insomnia’ and ‘English Weather’. Now after building an underground following, the trio have made a strong stance in the music scene.

‘Poison Ivy’ is a single which is indicative of Fick As Fieves style, encompassing over 10 years of songwriting into one song. Singers Archie and Harry bounce off each other with finesse, their delivery is flawless. Its rock-like context smoothed over with a typically British sense of hopeless romanticism where the singer Harry explains the all too familiar game of cat and mouse courtship.

Mixed and mastered by Tom Donovan Studios, the Suffolk dwellers encapsulate their experiences with the two lead singers Archie and Harry switching between guitar and bass on live sets.

The trio are Archie Arthur (Guitar + Bass/Vocals), Harry Campbell (Guitar + Bass/Vocals) and Richard Aries (Drums).

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