Weather The Boy explores new elements


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Weather The Boy (AKA Evan Andree) releases his latest offering ‘Afraid’, his first release in three years.

In 2015, Evan released his debut album ‘Sink Low’ when his project was just titled ‘Weather’. But he decided to change to Weather The Boy which was already his Instagram handle, so it’s a change but not if you get what I mean.

New single ‘Afraid’ sticks to his debut albums folk roots but exploring more elements in alt-rock and pop. Grimy synths and mellotron laden leads harking back to the days of Motown sneak into the cracks left in what otherwise would be a sparsely populated Americana song that would have fit comfortably on a vintage release by Dylan or Springsteen.

The track is upbeat and vibrant with life. In the past Evan’s offerings have been more down to earth so it’s great to see him come out of that shell and express his full potential.