Watch live performance of Suzi Wu’s single ‘Taken Care Of’

Suzi Wu

London’s Suzi Wu is one of the latest editions to have a live track filmed for music giants Vevo.

The 21-year-old originally from Blackpool spent summers driving back up north, listening to her mother’s extensive record collection: from Beastie Boys to Riot Grrrl, Beck to Patti Smith.

The song chosen to be filmed was ‘Taken Care Of’ from her debut EP ‘Teenage Witch’ in 2017 and is arguably one of her most popular songs. She made it as our ICM Artist Spotlight two years ago too where we said she will “become one of the biggest names in British music”.

If making it onto the world’s largest all-premium music video provider is part of that progression then I don’t know what is.

Pop culture has always been deeply important to Suzi. From the bands she’d listen to growing up, to the “collective” she considers herself a part of in East London, she recognizes the power of music in its subversion of societal norms and in its welcoming of outcasts; outcasts who manage to outsmart old industry tropes.

‘Taken Care Of’ is now streaming on all platforms. Watch the full video below.

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