Ward delivers an uncanny blend of modern rock


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Rising rock soul-searcher Ward release their infectious new single ‘Slowfast’. A song that focuses on the struggle to break free of a life dominated by family patterns and expectations.

Frontman, Ward, quit his New York executive job to pursue music full-time by moving to the home of some iconic musicians in Los Angeles. The bands’ fanbase has rapidly grown online and played numerous live shows, with the most recent being in Mexico City.

Wards songs are life lessons told from a place of both regret and hope, invoking vulnerable biographies of his past and present experience.

On the stage and in the studio, his band delivers an uncanny blend of modern rock, Madchester shoegazing and classic post-punk, creating the perfect platform for broad and passionate lyricism to connect with his audience.

Ward said: “It’s a modern re-write of one of the king’s monologues from Richard II. I have always wanted to write a song from a historical figure’s perspective, and the message here felt just as relevant as ever.

“It’s just better to be creating, talking and listening. There’s so much more to gain from two-way dialogues with people who love the same music I do.”

The band are: Bass – Chris Gongora, Guitar – Mauricio Munguia, Drums – Darren Edwards, Vocals and Guitar – Ward.