Vintage Bones – Energetic LA Indie Rock


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Vintage Bones are the latest rock band to emerge onto the Los Angeles scene debuting their first single ‘Regret and Nostalgia’.

The band is rooted in the expression of “anthemic yearning,” influenced by musical greats like The Killers, Future Islands, and Modest Mouse. The track features expertly crafted lyrics, creative basslines, and crisp guitar sounds that evoke nostalgic FM-radio hits.

‘Regret and Nostalgia’ is a proclamation of love lost. The band explains: “It’s the flash of remorse during deep contemplative moments as the past comes rushing to the present, flooding the senses as if it were all happening again. A window through time to cherish and mourn. This is an anthem to those moments.”

This energetic and desperate plea for a second chance is something we all yearn for from time to time, and this song is an anthem to those moments. Bone to stone and dust to dust.

Vintage Bones are currently working out of the prestigious Sunset Sound Studios on follow-up singles that will be released later this year and into early 2019.

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