Video Premiere: Dead Natives – ‘I Got Menace’

Dead Natives

Premiering over on ICM is the music video for Dead Natives single ‘I Got Menace’.

This is the latest single from London quartet who are proving themselves at the top of their game with their latest track ‘I Got Menace’ blending Britpop and Psych influences, ‘I Got Menace’ is atmospheric rock track with striking guitar riffs and Liam Dutch’s blues like vocals make for a nostalgic Brit-pop sound.

Talking about the single the band said: “It’s like being in a middle of an electric storm you don’t want to get of, it’s edgy and full of attitude.”

The video suits the track pretty well. What the band have said portrays in the music video; shoving in some static TV effects gives the video that cool electrifying feeling.

The band consists of Liam Dutch – Vocals & Guitar, Robbie Ferguson – Guitar, Adam Payne – Bass and Colin Mars – Drums. Watch the electrifying music video below. 

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