Trip To Miami work on sculpting their alt-rock sound


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Initially, Trip To Miami started out as a side project for founding members Tom Hastings and Thomas Dale main endeavours indie folk darlings Goldheart Assembly and proto punk outfit Inner City Pirates respectively, before rip to Miami began crafting a slew of demo material and became regulars on London’s acoustic gig circuit in the late noughties.

The band solidified its three-piece lineup with the addition of Ai Sugiyama (of Ginger Wildheart and Hey! Hello! fame) on drums in 2014 and set to work on sculpting its now trademark alt-rock sound.

‘Taking Control’ is taken from their debut album ‘Pure-O’, which s the result of the resurrection of previously lost DIY recording sessions from the band. The tracks guitar riffs are pulling you along for a journey through the bliss of refreshing classic rock.

Influenced by artists from vintage fuzz rock specialists such as Neil Young and Husker Du to intelligent grunge pioneers Soundgarden, Trip To Miami recorded their album in just two days back in 2015. Revived, remixed and self-produced by the band, the album caught the attention of London indie label LGM Records, who officially released it in August 2018.

Based in London and Brighton, UK, and with years of live performances behind them, you can clearly see their expertise coming to life. The guitar work is timeless and how could you forget those rambunctious vocals and lyrics. The whole combination of the band is eclectic, nostalgic. It’s just great and takes over you as you listen to it more, and more.