The Slow Drag releases classic rock anthem


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Nashville-based artist The Slow Drag returns with his new classic American rock single ‘I Feel It, Too’.

Creating music that is loud, buoyant, and worth turning up to 11. Like a cult teen movie, ‘I Feel It, Too’ will catch you up in the nostalgic feels of budding love and amp you up like a high school pep rally cheering you on for warm air, romance, and freedom.

The single is classic American Rock ‘n’ Roll, for fans of 60s pop-sensibility, 70s Classic Rock highway driving guitars, 80s Fun and 90s Broody Rock. ‘I Feel It, Too’ is spending the perfect summer evening with the one who secretly holds your heart standing in front of you, staring into your eyes.

It’s all lead up to this, and the anticipation builds as torrid, rising guitar riffs pull you like a current toward them. Suddenly, a gust of chiming wind cuts through as you both realise the feeling is mutual. The suspense breaks, exploding through the banging drum of your heartbeat like the first gasp of oxygen after a long-held breath. The bassline sweeps under your feet and you feel like you’re barely touching the ground. Your fingers lock, intertwined with theirs, and the whole world spins around you. That moment can play on forever in the anthemic summer jam, I Feel It, Too.

“[My] music is meant to be an expression of who I was when I started playing music and how that resonates with who I am today,” says musician Austin James. “As an artist, I want the songs of The Slow Drag to be able to stand on their own, with the lyrical style being the connecting thread, rather than the instrumentation.”