The Lawnton Bowls Club are chilled out alt-rock


Alt-rock trio The Lawnton Bowls Club return with their third EP ‘The Lights of the House Glowed in the Fog of the Narrow Horizon’. That’s got to be the longest name for any piece of music I’ve ever seen.

The first track ‘Direction’ is a very chilled out rock track. It’s something you would have on a summers day in your car. The Melbourne Band swing between bushranger alt-country and trying to sound a little bit like the War on Drugs. 

The EP was recorded at 400 Acres studio and produced by Rohan Sforcina. It’s title, ‘The Lights of the House Glowed in the Fog of the Narrow Horizon’, is a line from Robert Lukins debut novel The Everlasting Sunday.

Talking about the track, the band said: “The song is about being in your 30’s and not always knowing where you’re heading. Sometimes that’s a good thing and sometimes it’s not. It’s sort of chilled dreamy pop, part of my War on Drugs phase.”

Catch the band live for their EP launch at 3pm on Saturday, November 10 at The Old Bar in Fitzroy, Victoria.