THE IRENES are creating a storm in Merseyside


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Boisterous quartet THE IRENES has released their follow up single, ‘Maniac’, after the successful response of first single ‘Paper Thin Excuses’.

With Californian and Scouse roots, THE IRENES aim to instil the positive and effervescent energy into their local music scene and re-engaging the community. The quartet wants to encourage people to fall in love with going to gigs once again via their unforgettable life experiences and anthemic, high-energy, catchy indie tunes with their newest anthemic tune, ‘Maniac’.

‘Maniac’ is a catchy track that will get its listeners bopping their heads up and down with its captivating chorus line, pulsating drums, bass and punchy guitar riff. The punchy vocal driven track starts with a simple drum beat and vocal chant that shifts the listener into a higher gear and conveys a powerful feeling that is difficult to shake off.

The lively four-piece have been generating a storm in Merseyside, leaving their audiences stunned with unforgettable experiences, picking up waves of devoted followers every time they’ve stepped foot and exerted their energy into a venue since their formation one year ago.

The latest attempt is the perfect example of the wrath they are bringing to the county. The cool and relaxed verses contain intellectual lyrics and a tantalising rhythm section that would get any listener bopping their head up and down in time to the beat, the lead vocal is shortly supported by chanting backing vocals making you feel like you are part of a clan and giving you a feeling of belonging.

The song then drops to a pre-chorus that is bound to hype people for the next chorus which contains the ‘Seven Nation Army’-esque stadium chant, an earworm in and of itself. After the chant is complete you are lead to the final set of choruses backed by the driving chant.