ICM Artist Spotlight: The Honeymoon Suite

Artist Spotlight

The Honeymoon Suite, who take washed out synths and hazy guitars, are this week’s Artist Spotlight.

The Derby-based quartet have their latest single ‘California Suite’ on our ICM Discoveries playlist (check out below) which discusses Instagram and how there’s more to the individual than good looking photos you probably spent an hour getting the right filter on.

The single has a solid baseline and beautiful melancholic lyrics that get you deep in thought. It’s a letter to middle England and the suburb of California.

Comprised of William Rhodes (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Tom Knutton (drums, backing vocals), George Wright (bass) and Lou Minion (lead guitar, backing vocals), The Honeymoon Suite are delving into dreamiest of territories with this new single and I think it suits them.

They recorded the track in on a rainy Sunday in May this year with upcoming Nottingham-based producer Sam Wain (Soft Girls & Boys Club, Cinema Gold, Re Teu).

With high praised under their belts for their energetic live set, the band have seen themselves landing some big name support slots including the likes of JAWS, TRASH (when they were still a band) and The Blinders.

Listen to ‘California Suite’ for a limited time only on the ICM Discoveries playlist – give us a follow to unearth new artists every week.