The Empty Page tackle a hard subject with latest alt rock single


Punk rockers The Empty Page share new single ‘He’s Very Good At Swimming’ in one of the bands darkest songs yet.

All about victim blaming, the Manchester-based trio show the disparity between the treatment of the accused and the victim in rape cases both in courts and the mass media.

It’s a slow burn with a melancholy and melodic opening leading to a frenzied, seething finish. And possibly the only song ever to include the word ‘speculum’.

Comprised of Kel – Vocals/bass, Giz – Guitars and Jim – Drums/Vocals, ‘He’s Very Good At Swimming’ is a change of pace that illustrates the band’s broad palette. Recorded with Simon Ding Archer (PJ Harvey, Pixies, The Fall) in Manchester, “it chokes the listener with equal parts haunting melancholy and seething rage,” say the band.

Following the success of February release, ‘When The Cloud Explodes’, the band has shown they’re capable of balls to the wall punk frenzy. It might be an uncomfortable listen to some but it’s a topic that for most people hide and keep locked away inside. This single is the especially the drag-through-the-mud victim blaming which the band say is “so standard it’s ludicrous, along with the media’s habit of foregrounding the academic and sporting achievements of the rapist”.

An uncomfortable listen, and possibly the only song ever to include the word ‘speculum’. The good news is that £2 of every item on the band’s Bandcamp page will be donated to Manchester Rape Crisis, so what you waiting for? Head over there now.