The Crooked Kings concoct up gritty rock and roll tunes


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London trio The Crooked Kings release new single ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ – a rock n roll masterpiece.

Playing dirty, gritty rock music with a modern mix of electronic energy, the band produce an exciting and thrilling concoction with influences from Stone Age, Kings of Leon and Kasabian.

‘Smoke and Mirrors’ is the kind of track that you feel in the pit of your stomach, that shakes your bones and makes you move. The track surrounds a couple of tea-sipping classics, allowing you to catch your breath if only for a minute.

The Crooked Colours are not just a band, but a family of renegades tinkering away to produce all-rounded, clean-cut rock music.

Over the past six months, they have been developing that sound which has worked up to the new EP that is expected to come very soon. In the meantime, give ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ a listen and leave a rating out of 10.

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