Song Of The Week: Van Damsel – Sophia

Song Of The Week: Van Damsel – Sophia

To kick off our first Song Of The Week feature in 2016 is ‘Van Damsel’, a Canadian Alternative band based in Kamloops formed in 2010. The group consists of Sebastien Ste Marie (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, synths), Richard Bregoliss (lead guitar, backing vocals, synths), Matthew Barron (drums, percussion, backing vocals, synths), and Matthew ‘Renny’ Rennehan (bass, backing vocals).

After first coming across Van Damsel, they fitted the bill, their indie/alt rock beat with an 80’s style pop. Their latest single ‘Sophia’ featuring loose, rocky grooves and an ’80s-inspired poppiness, “Sophia” is an anthem would be at home on pop radio.

‘Sophia’ has a high-gloss, summery sheen that marks a natural evolution from Van Damsel’s 2013 EP, ‘The Sunshine, Girl’. The song’s radio-readiness is belied by the band’s willingness to show off their delay-unit chops and their trademark synth-heavy, power-intensifying breakdowns.

Van Damsel’s self-titled album will be released on February 19, 2016.

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