Song Of The Week: Neon Waltz – Dreamers

Neon Waltz

Named one of ‘Scotland’s Coolest New Gang’, Neon Waltz has released their latest single ‘Dreamers’.

Based in Wick, at the furthest point of the British mainland, Neon Waltz prepare to release their long-awaited, 10-track debut album, Strange Hymns on Fri 18 August 2017.

‘Dreamers’ follows previous single, ‘Heavy Heartless’ Neon Waltz are a fresh breeze that blows from the far north of Scotland pack a tonne of talent.

‘Dreamers’ spares the listener nothing in three and a half minutes of pop that chimes with the unbridled hope and idealism of youth, accommodating rushing guitars, carousing fairground keyboards and a vocal that surges with intent. Like all pulse-quickening anthems it reaches for the lapels, dances you round the room and is over all too soon.

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