Sleepy Boy provide energy and raw punk rock


Peterborough duo Sleepy Boy are paving the way for something raw, organic and real on new single ‘Island’.

The band sit in a unique space that bridges the gap between Indie, rock and punk. The energetic duo has been rapidly making a name for themselves since the back end of 2018.

The song, plain and simply is about the current state of the UK, it plays on the fact we are literally on an island, we are on our own, we import everything and we need all of the help we can get.

It was recorded across multiple locations, the drums were done in an old church hall, the guitars and bass in the games room of Stanley Kubricks Manor and the vocals were done in a village hall where we used to put on metal concerts as teenagers.

The band said: “‘Island’ showcases a heavier Grungier side to the Sleepyboy sound, we think it’s important to write the music we’re feeling at that moment in time and not restrict ourselves to sitting safely inside a genre box, we want to bridge and blend gaps between genres.

“The whole ‘take back our country’ ideology originates from the UK’s passive bubble dwellers who have no desire to experience anything on the outside of their social norms and are subsequently lead like sheep forming opinions on propaganda like headlines plastered all over our media “Dishing out your brainwashed opinions direct from last nights’ TV.”

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