SKIES release new EP ‘We Fear Change’


Kent duo SKIES have released their long-awaited EP ‘We Fear Change’ as the band stretch their legs and venture into new territory with elements of rock, pop & emo in equal measure.

Opening track ‘Afterwards’ is a synth-rock charmer with gorgeous hooks. Alie Cotter’s vocals sound smooth and crystal clear with a charismatic presence and counterpart Jericho Tozer bounding with enthusiasm and flawless musicianship.

‘On Hold’ has been featured previously as our Song Of The Week blends interesting synth led melodies together with raw guitars. ‘Green’ captures SKIES’ ability to blend their trademark cocktail of effervescent pop hooks with melancholy subject matter. A balance that, in theory, probably shouldn’t work, but is once again executed to perfection.

‘Dead’, the final single to be taken from the EP is a powerful tribute to those suffering with illness and will be released alongside a dramatic music video.

Of the EP, the band say: ”We are so proud of the new EP – making it has given us a new appreciation for our debut record and we feel this is the perfect follow up EP to ‘If You Feel Like It’.

“We were able to show another side to the band with this EP and also expand on who we are. It’s been a year of change for us in lots of ways and we’ve really grown stronger for it.

“We felt the title ‘We Fear Change’ was appropriate at the start of the EP, and it’s great to have grown through that now.”

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