Silvertone Hills share vibrant pop-rock melodies


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Emerging indie-rock outfit Silvertone Hills have had a busy 2018 with the release of their latest EP ‘Follow Suit’.

The Canadian quartet’s unique pop-rock sound reminisces on the greats of the late 60s, while turning up the aggression and sonic textures alike modern rock kings and queens.

Comprised of Liam O’Sullivan (Vocals), Andrew Billone (Guitar), Alex Bishop (Drums/Vocals) and Mike Park (Bass), their signature sound of fusing light-hearted melodies with jangling guitars and psychedelic soundscapes are tastefully backed up by Alex’s blissful drum beats.

The EP, released in March, has taken the band across Ontario playing in notable venues such as Lee’s Palace, The Casbah, Club Absinthe and Doors Pub. If you like what you hear, (or don’t) we want to hear your thoughts! Make sure you leave behind a rating and a review of your own.