Silque mix garage rock and electronic soundscapes


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Denmark’s Silque announces their new album and possibly the longest name ever for a single…

‘Sometimes When I Look At You It Feels Like Being Punched In The Face (But You Know What? I Really Like That)’ explores the fine, and often blurry line between romance and obsession.

Friends become strangers, and a glance between two people can, when seen through the veil of jealousy, feel like a punch in the face – and the pain can become both euphoric and addictive.

The punchy single from Silque is the first from the alt rock band which is due out January 2020. This follows on from latest LP ‘Gloria’.

‘Sometimes When I Look At You…’  is energetic and punchy, and the manic vocals, pumping bassline and the frantic, feverish guitars instills a sense of being punched in the face. It’s a taste of what is to come – an album mixing garage rock, electronic soundscapes and an attentive ear for melodies; and the listener will be sure to be reminded of icons like The Smiths and The War On Drugs.

Featured image by Line Westerboe