SHOR – Discover soulful pop track ‘Gold’


London based producer and singer/songwriter SHOR has treated us again with a video to accompany his recent release ‘Gold’.

The single was released a couple of months ago and has since projected SHOR to be the talented artist that he is. The single moulds together elements from complimenting genres and with its intoxicating production, creates a single comparable to the work of Glass Animals or Fyfe. SHOR’s vocals are distinct and rich and lend themselves perfectly to the catchy eclectic beat beneath them.

Having been released through LAB Records, ‘Gold’ now has an accompanying video. Drawing on some of the hidden themes of the song as well as employing a quirky depiction of the dreariness of working life. Combining a handmade, authentic feel alongside a professional, cinematic style – the video for ‘Gold’ captivates us with its enthralling narrative and impressive visualisation of SHOR’s single.

We’re loving both the single and video and we want you to as well – make sure you check out the single and you can find the video here.