Review – The Dunwells @ The Sugarmill

Review – The Dunwells @ The Sugarmill

We were back at The Sugarmill to see The Dunwells perform on their UK album tour of ‘Light Up The Sky’, which was released at the end of February with the support of their good friends, from America Bronze Radio Return.

Close friends and previous tour mates Bronze Radio Return joined The Dunwells on their UK tour. Bronze Radio Return recently released their fourth studio album ‘Light Me Up’ and has been well-received with their fans in the States.

Bronze Radio Return create indie rock with a twist of an American

Bronze Radio Rerturn

Bronze Radio Return (Chris Struble [left] and Ben Tanen [right])

country sound from the banjo and harmonica played by the very talented Craig Struble. Watching their performance was an amazing experience, in typical America style putting on one hell of a show (even if they were the warm up act!) getting the crowd hyped up to see The Dunwells. As they’re from America what else would you expect?

The speed that Struble was playing at was immense and the crowd went into a huge cheer and screams the image on the right just gives you an idea what it was like.

It was different to see a harmonica being used, as I have never seen one used before, especially in indie music, my only problem is that I cannot remember what song its from.

The Dunwells were to have a special night because it was drummer, Adam Taylor’s Birthday! Never been to a gig where it has been a band members birthday so there was always room for a surprise. However he would celebrate in front of one of the smallest Sugarmill turnouts I have seen. Especially as The Dunwells are based in the north of England in one of the biggest cities, Leeds.

The Dunwells

Birthday boy Adam Taylor

I’ve been waiting for months to see The Dunwells and what can I say, they were superb! Their indie rock sound travelled across the room like a knife through butter, on songs such as ‘Lucky Ones’ and ‘Hurts’ the crowd was so happy and cheerful to see.

‘Hurts’ is also my favourite song so it was a great joy to watch the Dunwell brothers put on a great show no matter how many people had come to watch this great band play their blend of indie rock/pop music.

Before the gig we also went along to grab the lads for an exclusive interview before their soundcheck. The boys talk about small music venues, touring America and bikinis!

So stay tuned in for more!

The Dunwells

Frontman Joseph Dunwell






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