Refreshing alt pop from Nashville’s Malibu Blackout


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Nashville natives Malibu Blackout are rolling through the releases with their third track ‘Addy’.

After 20 years of collaboration in multiple music endeavours, Chris Husak, Cory Johnson & David Woods come together to present a new rock outfit, Malibu Blackout.

Inspired by styles like Grunge, 80’s Alt Pop, Post Punk, & Stoner Rock, their refreshing sound comes at a time when rock n’ roll is more effects driven than tube driven.

‘Addy’ possesses some nice upbeat catchy alt-pop elements masked over gritty guitars and a driven drumming pattern.

Since forming the band in the Spring of 2017, Mailbu Blackout said they would be “committed to refining the art” than just rushing into the studio and releasing whatever they made.

In the Summer of ‘18, Malibu Blackout entered the studio to track their debut singles at Welcome to 1979 in their hometown of Nashville. The singles started with ‘What I’ve Done’, which was followed up by ‘For The World’.