Premiere: Silent Feature – Stiffs and the Saints

Silent Feature

Now Premiering on ICM is the second single, ‘Stiffs and the Saints’ from Brisbane-based group Silent Feature which will feature on their forthcoming debut album.

The band’s special blend of rock, jangle, shoe-gaze and Americana came from a collaborative shakeup of current and previous individual projects. The band, Greg Cathcart, Adrian Mauro, Luke Sullivan and Liam Eaton, are experienced musicians who have previously been in a number of bands before settling down to form Silent Feature.

‘Stiffs and the Saints’ delivers a comical commentary following your dreams and recognising how much better than everyone else you actually are.

Drawing influence from indie-rock heroes Grandaddy, The Shins, and The Church, the song’s powerful blend of melodic Australiana blended with the cheeky lyrical sarcasm brings a shift in mood.

Surfing the momentum from debut single ‘Genius’, Silent Feature’s powerful second single Stiffs and the Saints will certainly see them continue to grab attention in the lead up to their full-length record ‘Be It All You Got’ scheduled to land late in 2018 via their artist-run label Electric Possum Records.

You can find Silent Feature on Facebook and Twitter.


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