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We’re huge fans of your tunes. You’ve said yourselves your sound is a long way away from the music your hometown, is known for. Do you think this has helped you stand out in Leeds?

It has given us a leg up but we’ve certainly started to see a lot more artists in our style and genre. But really, I don’t think it’s helped or hindered to be honest, we’re just cracking on making our music hard and it doesn’t affect us either way what the overall scene is like.

You return to London for your biggest headline yet in March at Hoxton SBK, what should we expect?

New tracks, new members and the biggest production value we have brought to London. We’re taking our successful tour and presenting it to London in the best light.

Your tunes have been listened to by hundreds of thousands across the world as Spotify informs us, Spotify is now such a big player in the industry, how important do you think it is for emerging acts?

It certainly has changed the way artists promote and release music. It helps artists but I think we have to try and avoid living and dying by how many plays each track gets. We’re so concerned with getting on playlists, people are writing songs to be snappier and catchier and I think it’s going to crack if we’re not careful.

If you created a PoloFestival, and could pick 3 headliners, who would you go for?

LCD Soundsystem, SZA and My Chemical Romance. Keep it varied.

Will there be new music for us to hear soon?

Well, keep an eye out on International Womens Day, but we’ll be bringing something new in celebration of it. We don’t want to give too much away, but we have a productive year ahead of us. We’ve been working on a great deal of material and we’re prepping the release schedule, but it’s certainly looking like there will be a lot of music coming from us across 2019. It’s about time too, often it takes so long to release tracks.