Playful and eccentric alt rock from Yeti Ghetto


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Australian alt rock trio Yeti Ghetto has started as a series of late-night laptop recording sessions in an overcrowded and chaotic share house in North-West London.

Showcasing their knack for a sing-along chorus, and tongue in cheek perspective on the mundane nature of everyday life, their latest single ‘Life’s a Killer’ is an addictive track reminding us not to take life too seriously.

Playful and eccentric, ‘Life’s a Killer’ is filled with hook laden vocals which revel in relatable lyricism that nods to The Vaccines. It’s insightful banter, and cheeky lo-fi guitar riffs naturally, brandish Yeti Ghetto as a band with a unique and vibrant D.I.Y sound. Finding inspiration in quintessential 90’s Britpop, early Weezer, The Pixies, and Elliott Smith.

‘Life’s A Killer’ is the latest single release for Yeti Ghetto, with the release of the full-length album entitled JINX to be announced later this year.

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