Pink Fireball release ‘Red Flowers’ ahead of debut album

Pink Fireball

French indie-rock quartet Pink Fireball share their fifth single ‘Red Flowers’ ahead of their debut album.

The four-piece have raw energy to burn and a genuine flair for song writing. The new single is just the story of a kid dreaming of being a superhero to save the world while reading his comic books.

Based on a contemporary Rock foundation in the likes of Hendriks and vintage Motorhead, their sound is embellished with flowing psychedelic aspects from the 60s & 70’s which give them a uniquely fresh edge.

The music video that accompanies the video shows the band saving the day in typical superhero style beating up the bad guys to save a pretty girl in distress.

Pink Fireball are Frédéric Benne (guitars, backing vocals), Thomas Nowak (vocals, guitars), Thibault Vincent (drums) and Nacim Virieux (bass, backing vocals).

Recorded in London, the currently untitled album is expected to be released later on this year.

You can find them on Facebook.

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