Modern Native – new name, same 80s inclined indie pop


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London’s latest exuberant indie pop talent has gone under a new transformation as Modern Native.

The musician, known as Dom Scialo, found himself working with an increasing amount of writers and musicians. Such is the case that it no longer felt like a ‘solo’ project and it felt right to make the evolution into something more encompassing of the people involved.

Having previously released under ‘DOM’, the songwriter/producer accumulated over 100,000 streams in approximately eight months. Modern Native now serves as the next chapter in Dom’s adventures making 80s inclined indie-pop, bringing together inspiration from Prince, Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder, mixed with the likes of Fickle Friends and 1975.

Aesthetically the music and branding are to remain the same with the only change being the artist’s name.

Talking about the single, he said: “‘Never Know’ was originally written out of frustration towards lack of progression. Be that professionally, romantically, creatively or otherwise, frustration is something everyone deals with in their lives and in varying forms of severity. ‘Never Know’ was my way of coping with this frustration and also reminds me anyone can overcome their frustrations with hard work and a lot of determination.”

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