MAM Song of the Week: Faux Pas – ‘That’s My Ego’

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Faux Pas are back with new music. It’s ferocious, enticing, raw, dark, and wonderful; everything we’ve come to expect from one of the countries most engaging new bands.

It is perhaps the best work to date from the Manchester-based band, no mean feat for a young band who have already won over audiences around the UK with successful self-releases and explosive live performances. A maturity shines through in the music and lyrics, and feels like somewhat of a coming-of-age release.

Lead singer and guitarist Ru explains: “​That’s My Ego is about defiance and control. I feel like there is a really small number of things that we really have control over and I think it has a really profound effect on people, mostly negative.

“I find that a lot of our generation find this frustrating and end up self medicating through drugs and alcohol in an attempt to sedate themselves.

“Being sedated is bliss but it allows people to basically settle for a life they don’t want without the self belief that they can change things.”

The single is out on 7” vinyl on Leeds label Come Play With Me, a not-for-profit setup supporting exciting new talent coming out of the region.

Faux Pas have embarked on a UK wide run of tour dates in support of the new single, including dates in London (Oct 11) & Sheffield (Oct 12) with Modern Age Music.

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