Lost in Vancouver return with exceptional new track

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At the start of this year we tipped off Lost in Vancouver, as ones to watch, and now we can see them blossoming into the band we knew they could be.

Their latest track ‘Meadows’ is the third to be released this year, after ‘Rose in Retrospect’ and the incredibly well received ‘Pinot Noir’.

Scottish indie has always been great, especially when you hear the thick accents above the heavy guitar work. It almost adds a layer of passion and authenticity, especially when you’re sick of everyone trying to sound like Brendon Urie or Alex Gaskarth.

‘Meadows’ takes a more upbeat direction over their previous work, allowing the guitar to be the hero in the track, accompanied with rhythmic drumming to give the song a more joyful vibe.

Have a listen below,


  • High Tempo
  • Feel good


A great sounding single, outlining just how good Lost in Vancouver can be when all the elements line up

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