London musician Sam Glen packed with lo-fi pop/rock


London-based musician Sam Glen has shared his second single of the month ‘Four Corners’ as the indie rock/pop artist is in the best possible stead going into 2020.

The new single is filled with lo-fi guitars and blissful drums that go over Glen’s distinctive voice. It pushes an alternative type of songwriting in an indie rock, pop punk and emo style which melds them masterfully as he wears his heart on his sleeve.

The single was well-received well as the 23-year-old was BBC Introducing’s Track of the Day and featured on BBC Surrey and Sussex. It appears the Londoner is rapidly growing and there will be a lot more in store over the next 12 months.

Sam Glen’s previous single ‘November/December’ explores the concept of change, and the problems you can face when you as a person change too much.

Sadness can impact others in a negative way, being aware of this is the most important thing as many can become unaware of how they are treating people, not because they are a bad person, but because they have a deeper underlying problem.

The song gives off a wintery/moody vibe with a tinge of positivity. I guess the main message is basically saying ‘keep going, even if all hope seems lost’

The track is a candid and intimate look inward from the emerging solo artist, and puts him in the best possible stead going into 2020. His sound borrows from indie rock, pop punk and emo, and melds them masterfully as the artist wears his heart on his sleeve.