Little Comets: The Review


Firstly, supporting acts Lisbon and Model Aeroplanes completely blew the crowds minds
evenIMAG0167 before the main act came on. With Lisbon and Model Aeroplanes melodic tunes certainly got the crowd going last night at Koko in Camden. However it’s really sad to see that not everyone turned up to see them, as they were perfect!





The Geordie three-piece Little Comets took the pleasure of a jam packed crowd. Little Comets have a revolutionary sound on record; I don’t know anyone else who has a sound like it and no one can accuse them of poor musicianship in the live arena. They’re making their very unique mark on the indie scene that’s saturated with try-hard alternative sounds. Theirs however, is fluid, exciting and totally recognisable.

The sound system was making an almost earthquake feel on the wooden floor as the bass guitar’s strings are struck; a moment I’ve never experienced before was truly amazing. The lighting had to be different, and in your face to distract you from the simple stage, and the high ceiling making acoustics bounce, reaching every corner of the building.

Now, Little Comets are well-known for their long and complicated lyrics but, after growing out of the ear-splittingly loud music, it’s remarkably pleasing; and maybe a little surprising, to actually be able to make out all the lyrics. My Boy William getting the crowd swaying, while, One Night In October and Dancing Song a roaring cheer and everyone turning mental at the choruses.

There are moments of exquisiteness in Robert Cole’s voice, though when he speaks it’s so fast it’s almost unintelligible. And Robert’s voice can get almost worn out quite easily. Grabbing for water after almost every song. There’s very little chit chat onstage – “it’s all about the sound”, says Robert, and they’ve totally nailed it. That’s why people are here tonight, to hear what a new keystone of the indie music scene.

I was a little disappointed the band finished without an encore. They may not think they deserve one yet, but by the looks on the fans’ faces as they wander out of the venue, they’ll be up on stage for a long time to come – going to show just what home grown British talent can be. Outstanding!IMAG0170IMAG0171

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