Listen: Bruising – Honey

Bruising band

I’ve been digging shoegaze recently. I’ll spend hours on end listening to all sorts, especially when it excites me as much as this next band.

Bruising are the latest band to tickle my fancy as of late. The band, which hail from Leeds, are currently signed with the label ‘Beech Coma / Art is Hard. Unfortunately that’s all the information I could gather about these guys. Ones things for sure, I love their music.

The soft and sweet vocals that accompany the oxymoronic hard-grunge riffs and overbearing beats from the drum that just wanna make you rock back and forth like a true 90’s crack-whore. I don’t usually like female rock voices because nobody compares to Stevie Nicks but I can’t help but enjoy the soft and hard textures that come with every song.

Love love love these guys.

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