Leeds quintet Venus debut their gritty alt-rock


Leeds quintet Venus are advocating women in alternative music, bringing positive energy of feminism and activism to their rock and punk music.

The all-girl rock band are trying to make a safer and diverse music scene with hard-hitting alt-rock. Since bursting out onto the Leeds circuit, they come with more drive than ever. Performing alongside bands like Stealing Sheep, Venus are consistently marking impressions on some of the most influential bands of the year.

Their debut single ‘Deranged’ starts with lead singer Grace Kelly’s vocals kicking into action, backed up by instrumentalists Jess Ayres (Guitar), Hannah Barraclough (Bass), Grace Stubbings (Synth) and Gabby Cooke (Drums). The single has growling riffs and a unique electro-rock sound combined with that classic punk attitude.

When these vividly independent personalities and musicianships come together, Venus implements Riot Grrrl aesthetics and ideologies, with the intention of growing it into something new and refreshing in order to create more understanding of women’s rights on art platforms.