KYOTI cover HAIM’s ‘If I Could Change Your Mind’


London trio KYOTI has released a cover of HAIM’s single ‘If I Could Change Your Mind’ from their debut album.

A firm favourite by Ed, David and Benji, KYOTI has focused on the sensitive side of the record with soaring synth swells, a hypnotic beat, and a powerful emotive vocal performance.

The indie pop band combine rich soundscapes of synths and beats, interlaced with thoughtful lyricism on the single giving it a powerful atmospheric tone and influences of jazz, folk and pop

Ed (singer) had this to say on the track: “We used to listen to HAIM’s first album a lot when Benji and I lived together in a grimy terrace in Stepney Green. When thinking of tracks to cover ‘If I Could Change Your Mind’ seemed like a no-brainer.

“We took a lot of influence from James Blake’s version of the Feist track ‘Limit To Your Love’ – the way that he chops up and moves the structure around, breaking it down to the bare minimum – and we wanted to do something similar here.”

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