King Ibis produce reflective indie and bright pop


Australian band King Ibis returned for the first time this year with new chilled out folk-pop single ‘Backseat Drivers’.

Creating a distinctive mix of reflective Indie folk and bright, high-energy pop tunes, the Perth quartet has also shared a music video for the release. In the video, the band can be seen driving around Rous Head Harbour area.

Comprised of Nadene Burchell (vocals, guitar), Samantha Goddard (bass) Matthew Oakley (backing vocals, lead guitar) and John Mcandrew (drums) they take inspiration from Aussie giants the Jungle Giants and Middle Kids. Their array of personal stories into catchy hooks and ethereal melodies that lodge deep in your musical pleasure centres.

Nadene puts in a dynamical vocal performance and has a knack for bouncy cool melodies. The guitar notes on ‘Backseat Drivers’ pulsate which then cut into a decisive syncopated groove while the bass and drums push a solid framework. The chorus then falls away into some very pretty and potent indie rock.

King Ibis’ debut single “Concrete” has been selected to feature in upcoming Australian ABC TV series “The Heights”. Their second single “Reminiscing” has recently become available on all platforms.

Featured image by Annie Harvey

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